Poker88 System

BOT is not a good option for a gambling site to maintain or run their website. There will be more players deceived if the site lets BOT work without a control.

Dewa Poker Online Gambling Site With No Bot
Nowadays many websites and online gambling sites use BOT instead of real people behind the site. Poker88 has many real staffs. However, there several Poker88 agents who run the site with the help of BOT. BOT is a program that runs the site automatically. It is like a robot. Therefore, a gambling site with BOT will deceive so many players.

Poker88 Agent with No BOT
BOT is an abbreviation of Build Operate and Transfer. It is a program that is created to do certain work automatically. For example, instead of CS who will reply chat of any customer, a site with BOT will do reply automatically without CS. There are no people behind the site but the chat of the player will be replied by BOT. Players may not know if his chat replied by BOT.

BOT is not perfect since it is operated by a system. BOT has a kind of BUG and not even just 1 or 2 BUGs, they have a lot of deficiencies in the BUG. The BUG is something that happens or something BOT cannot do because it has its own program and has its own system. So there is a big chance for the BUG to do certain mistakes. A player may not do a mistake, but the BUG does it through a server. So, the player will be deceived.

A gambling site with BOT can be said dangerous for the safety and security of players’ data as well as their money. Otherwise, Poker88 agents with real CS or people behind it can be safer since they will work carefully and professionally. Well, sometimes BOT may be needed but if the whole system run by BOT, it can be very crucial.